Materials Manager (Surgery Center)


Our high-end Surgery Center is seeking a Materials Manager to assist in the surgical services department. The position is responsible for timely ordering, acquisition, and distribution of supplies and products, including non-capital and capital inventory items within the surgical services department budget. Applicants should be be able to multi-task and have excellent written and verbal communication skills. They are expected to have strong computer skills and the ability to take initiative. This is a great opportunity for professionals looking for a full-time position with great pay and benefits.


Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

•   Collaboratively maintaining the appropriate inventory par levels and annual inventory of the surgical services department

•   Ensuring timely purchase order processing and acquisition of all approved supplies and products, including non-capital and inventory items

•   Reviewing supply purchase requests and inventory orders for compliance with purchasing contracts

•   Receiving and distributing all supplies and products

•   Checking outdates and condition of supplies and equipment

•   Functioning as resource for review of invoices and identifying discrepancies

•   Notifying appropriate personnel of back orders and shipping dates, and seeks alternative vendors as appropriate

•   Recording price changes to proper individuals

•   Assuring that stock is rotated and outdated supplies are replaced

•   Creating and updating surgeons’ preference cards


Experience in materials management in a healthcare setting is desirable

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