Sterile Processing Technician


Sterile Processing Technicians are responsible for preparing and sterilizing operating room instruments in an accurate and timely manner. Applicants are expected to demonstrate problem solving and organizational skills with the ability to prioritize issues efficiently. They must be able to follow instructions/standardized work practices and communicate clearly. Viable candidates must have a strong understanding of equipment safety and maintenance, and be able to illustrate professional judgment at all times.​


Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

•   Ordering, restocking, and decontaminating sterilization equipment and instruments

•   Assembling trays, basin sets, packages, instruments, and preparing items for sterilization

•   Cleaning, repackaging, and sterilizing instruments in the surgery center

•   Ensuring specialty carts are stocked and ready for immediate use

•   Performing quality control through routine testing and cleaning

•   Inspecting equipment, instruments, and packaging for cleanliness, defects, and/or malfunctions

•   Documenting the sterilization cycle and labeling products with accurate information

•   Other duties as assigned


Medical office experience preferred

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