Laboratory Assistant


If you love a fast-paced environment, this is the job for you!  You are expected to learn the equipment operations quickly to be able to function effectively. Laboratory Assistants are responsible for assisting the laboratory staff in routine tests used in diagnosis and treatment of disease. Applicants should be be able to multi-task, have excellent written and verbal communication skills, and be detail-oriented. Lab Assistants are expected to be able to understand and follow all instructions and protocols.


Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

•   Assisting in receiving, logging and collecting specimens

•   Preparing specimens for technical testing

•   Assisting with identification, labeling, storing, and distribution of specimens

•   Filing reports and recording laboratory results

•   Preparing labels for slides and stains slides; changing and preparing various solutions and stains

•   Maintaining a clean and sterile work area, including all laboratory equipment, glassware, and instruments

•   Checking supply inventory and assisting with order placements


Six months minimum work experience in a laboratory setting, preferably in a medical practice

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