Instructional Aide


We are looking for an Instructional Aide to help a new, non-public school for autistic and special issues students. Our school is certified by the California Department of Education as a year-round program, and we're looking for a 1:1 Instructional Aide to partner with the high school students. The program involves an active daily schedule tailored to meet student interests and sensory needs. We focus on developing real-world skills through engagement, hands-on experience, and plenty of outdoor time. If you'd like to move away from a table-based, indoor approach and try a more active routine that involves accompanying students on lots of outings, this is the job for you! You will have support and collaboration from a full-time special education teacher in working with students who have both social and communication challenges.


Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

•   Daily physical activities, including hiking, swimming, beach walking, community errands, and chores

•   Building and maintaining connections with the teenage students

•   Exploring new ideas for outings and destinations

•   Carefully preparing all outings in advance for minimal surprises and maximum enjoyment

•   Helping with advance reconnaissance and creating photo stories to use in preparation for activities


Experience working with teens or adults is a plus

Current and clean DMV license (or reliable transportation) required

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